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Technical support

I Division to provide you with the service?

battery is a kind of specialized technical content higher product, its use is by the battery, the charger, the electric appliance which is composed of a system. The correct use of the battery directly affects the safety of the electric appliance. Our specialized customer service department, engaged in battery industry for more than a decade and has R & D, quality, production management experience of professionals and senior technology, electronics, test engineers and other personnel. Customer service department can provide a series of services for customers to achieve the perfect match, and to meet the special requirements of customers to provide other services. At the same time, the customer service department will be in the new product research and development, a comprehensive understanding of market information, according to the needs of customers to provide clear direction of research and development and product positioning.


after the end of the order, the customer will be able to receive the battery for a long time? Whether to provide door-to-door service?

battery production cycle generally requires 15 days, we will arrange for the completion of the production of battery transport:
Pearl River Delta region will be served within 1-2 working days;
Yangtze River Delta will be served within 2-3 working days;
Fujian area will be served within 2-3 working days;
Other domestic and municipal cities, will be served within 3-5 working days;
If you are in the city suburbs or rural areas below the county level, will arrive in 7-10 days;
If you are in Guangdong Province, our company arrange the vehicle to deliver the goods to the door, and will put the battery to your appointed warehouse position for you;
If you are in other cities in the country (including the county), we will arrange the credibility of the courier shipping company home delivery.

what are our product security measures?

Division I is the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification, all products have passed CE, UL, RoHS and REACH certification.

how to maintain battery products?

do not put in the high temperature and humidity of the place, because the battery and charger are electronic products, high temperature and humidity will be corroded electronic components;
Don't long time to plug the charger in the socket;
Do not charge a battery for a long time;
After charging the battery should be removed as soon as possible from the charger;
When the battery is not in use for a long time, the battery should be filled with electric preservation. And every 6 months or so, take out the charge and discharge one time.


when the battery is charging and discharging, why would the battery heat?

In the process of A: charging and discharging, the intense chemical reaction occurs in the battery. Most of these chemical reactions are transformed into electrical energy, but some of them are converted into heat energy release.
But some of the battery to a very serious degree, or even to the outside of the package rupture, these cases are mainly in the long-term use of the battery or the battery when the battery is not good, at this time should be replaced by a new battery.


how to correct the nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery charging?

when charging, the most important is let the battery is full but charge, can accurately control the charging battery charger is the key, suggested the use of professional delipow battery matching charger or recommended charging scheme.


why most customers choose delipow battery?

high capacity: under the same conditions of capacity, use time is about 2-3 times of nickel cadmium battery;
Cycle of long life: according to the different conditions of use, can be charged and discharged 500-1000 times cycle, save money and environmental protection;
High power discharge performance: delipow battery 3-5C discharge, power battery 10C discharge;
Excellent discharge platform: IC discharge 1.2V platform in more than 60%, 0.2C discharge 1.2V discharge platform in more than 80%, to ensure the stability of the working voltage;
Since the excellent discharge characteristics: delipow battery all use imported separator in the production, has excellent self discharge characteristics;
Fast charging capability: delipow battery charging can be IC;
Tolerance: 0.1C long-term charging does not leak without distortion;
No memory effect: can be charged at any time;
High reliability: the built-in recoverable safety valve, in the case of abuse will release the internal pressure to ensure safety;
Environmental protection: does not contain the separation, mercury, lead and other harmful substances, to protect our common environment.

is the voltage unit volts, nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery voltage is generally 1.2v;

is used to indicate the battery charge and discharge current size ratio, that is, the ratio of the. Such as 1800mAh of the battery, 0.2C said 360mA (0.2 magnification), IC 1800mA (1800mAh 1 magnification).

nickel metal hydride battery:

mAh: unit of capacity of nickel hydrogen battery. Refers to: in a certain discharge conditions (temperature, humidity), the discharge of the battery. Generally use this symbol, that is, a constant current, the battery discharge to a voltage of the duration of the;

I can produce the battery model and use what?

nickel hydrogen battery: AA, AAA, AAAA, SC, A, C, D, 9V;
Mainly used for: digital camera, remote control toys, electric toothbrush, razor, cordless telephone, wireless headphones, walkie talkie, miner's lamp, emergency lamp, vacuum cleaner, sweeping machine, electric toothbrush, electric tools.

what is a nickel metal hydride battery? What are the characteristics of nickel metal hydride battery?

nickel hydrogen battery is a kind of hydrogen storage alloy powder, metal nickel compound, electrolyte, separator paper, metal shell, etc., can convert chemical energy into electrical energy of the DC power supply. Nickel metal hydride battery reserve 30% more than that of the nickel cadmium battery, than the nickel cadmium batteries lighter, more secure than lithium battery, use longer, and no environmental pollution.


delipow Battery Technology Co., Ltd. the main business?

delipow Battery Technology Co., Ltd. is a set of nickel hydrogen battery, charger production and sales in one of the rechargeable battery supplier.
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